Your Healing Begins Here

Prestige Aftercare is an exclusive healing and wellness center in Beverly Hills where patients can recover in a luxurious and peaceful environment. We offer state-of-the-art surgical aftercare complete with nurse care around the clock.

Every room comes fully equipped with all the indulgences offered at the SLS Beverly Hills. Including 55" Smart HDTV, Bose speakers, hypoallergenic pillows and more. We offer complimentary transportation to post-operative appointments.

Aftercare Recovery Rooms at SLS Beverly Hills

Interested in booking your stay? Book in advance so you and your loved ones have peace of mind that you'll have a smooth and speedy recovery while enjoying the finest in comfort, style and luxury. For pricing and any questions regarding the importance and/or severity of your recovery, optional room features, privacy, or additional options to encourage a speedy recovery, call us anytime! Plan Your Stay